Farmers Must See the Benefits of Reduced Tb Incidence

Animal Health

IFA Animal Health Chairman John Waters said the latest figures from the Department of Agriculture show further, significant reductions in the number of TB reactors.

John Waters said the ongoing improvement in the levels of TB in the national herd can be directly attributed to the effectiveness of the Wildlife Control Programme. “It is critical that this programme continues to be implemented in all areas, and in particular, targeted in those areas where levels of TB remain higher than the national average. The role of other wildlife in the spread of TB in these counties must be taken into account by the Department”.

John Waters said while herd restrictions have also dropped, nonetheless it is disappointing that the number of herds restricted is not lower in line with the reduced levels of TB.

“Herd restrictions impose enormous costs on farmers and limits their day-to-day farming activity. The Department must identify ways of reducing the burden of TB restrictions on farm families by utilising the savings in the TB Eradication budget, which have accrued due to the lower number of reactors, and by removing unnecessary prohibition on trade.”

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