Farmers Will Not Pay for Water Charges Duplication – IFA

IFA Environment & Rural Affairs Chairman Harold Kingston has described plans by both Irish Water and local authorities to charge farmers for water as a real example of the wasteful duplication of public services.

He said, “Farmers who do not have their own well, or who are not part of a group water scheme, were up until recently charged by their local authority for their water. However the plan for Irish Water to charge for the portion of water used by the farm family, and for the local authority to charge for the water used on the farm, is ludicrous and is a real example of inefficiency in the public service”.

IFA has sought a meeting with the Commission for Energy Regulation, which have responsibility for water pricing policy, to resolve this issue and ensure that farmers are not forced to endure excessive water costs to subsidise for inefficiency and duplication in the delivery of water services.

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