Get the Detail on Changes to the Tb Compensation Scheme – in Effect from May 1st

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Department of Agriculture has confirmed that changes secured by IFA to the TB compensation scheme earlier this year will come into effect from May 1.
Income supplement

  • The rate of income supplement for dairy cows will be increased from €25.39/mth to €55/mth
  • The 10% threshold for the income supplement will be retained as a general rule, but will be extended to include herds that lose at least 10% of their dairy cows
  • The 100 animal ceiling will be abolished
  • Continued eligibility for income supplement assessed after 12 months

Depopulation grant

  • The depopulation grant rate for suckler cows will be increased from €31.74 to bring it in line with the income supplement rate of €38.09

Hardship grant

  • The hardship grant scheme will be extended to dairy farmers even when producing milk

Live valuations

  •  The ceilings on payments under the on-farm valuation scheme will be increased from €2,800 for a bovine to €3,000 and from €3,500 to €4,000 for a stock bull and €5,000 for a pedigree bull
  • Separate categories will be introduced for served heifers and maiden heifers.
  • The EBI top-up coefficient for dairy cows will be reduced from €1.35 to €0.50 (this measure will be implemented after May 16th at the earliest)

Purchase in prohibition

  • The Department will adopt as flexible an approach to feedlots as possible. DAFM will also allocate herd numbers to farmers where they have parcels of land where there are no cattle currently to permit them to buy in cattle onto these land parcels. DAFM continue to offer an immediate test to herdowners where factory lesions are found and if clear will grant permission to purchase in animals.

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Read IFA reaction to the changes 

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