IFA Call for Workable Implementation of New Agriculture Transport Regulations

IFA National Environment & Rural Affairs Chairman Harold Kingston has called on the Department of Transport and the Road Safety Authority to ensure the changes announced to the legislation regarding the use of agricultural vehicles on public roads are implemented in a workable way which allows farmers comply with the requirements.

Mr. Kingston added, “These new regulations which will be implemented from January 2016 will place new obligations on farmers. It is important that the RSA now put in place a clear information campaign which explains the new requirements and ensures that farmers clearly understand all parts of the regulations in advance of them coming into force”.

The IFA Environment Chairman said, “Safety of farm families is a priority of the Association. This legislation will introduce additional requirements regarding the plating and lighting of tractor and trailers as well as specific towing weights and braking obligations”.

IFA has secured important concessions which will ensure that excessive compliance burdens are not imposed for existing tractors and trailers. The new weights and braking requirements are an improvement on the original RSA proposals. However, he said these limits must be reviewed after their initial introduction, to ensure they are workable for farmers.


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