IFA Calls on Heritage Minister Humphreys to Progress Hedge Cutting Pilot Project

IFA Environment Chairman Thomas Cooney has called on Heritage Minister Heather Humphreys TD to progress the amendment to the closed period for hedge cutting, initiated by her in advance of the previous Government concluding its term.

Mr. Cooney said, “In December, Minister Humphreys announced that new legislation would be enacted allowing the managed cutting of hedges during August, under strict criteria, to help ensure that issues such as overgrown hedges impacting on roads can be addressed. This legislation,, which was not finalised, must now be progressed to ensure famers can avail of changes this year.”

Thomas Cooney added, “This pragmatic measure will allow for better vegetation management while ensuring the protection of biodiversity. It is essential that no further delays occur and Minister Humphreys prioritises the progress of this measure during this Dáil term.

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