IFA Calls on Repak to Explain Where €350,000 Collected from the Agriculture Sector Goes Each Year

IFA Environment Chairman Thomas Cooney has called on REPAK to explain what happens to the €350,000 collected by the company each year from co-ops and suppliers of agricultural products, given that less than 10% of the money collected is used to support recycling in the sector.

Thomas Cooney said, “In reality this money is not being used for its intended purpose. Farmers are not getting an adequate service and are instead having to pay higher prices at bring centres organised by other agencies to have their packaging materials recycled.”

The Environment Chairman once again restated his call on Environment Minister Denis Naughten to immediately move to work with IFFPG and establish a permanent service for the annual collection of the waste materials for which REPAK receives funding.

He called on Minister Naughten to direct REPAK, which operates under licence from his Department, to make all funds provided to them by agri-businesses available to establish a full producer responsibility initiative, which reduces costs to the sector and guarantees a cost effective and efficient annual service to the farming community.

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