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IFA Clarify Wild Bird Cover Eligibility for ANC Payments

IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has said that areas planted under the wild bird cover GLAS measure will be eligible for ANC payments on this land in 2019 and beyond.

These areas have been eligible for the last number of years and will continue to qualify, despite reports to the contrary in some media outlets today.


Joe Brady said there may be an issue for some farmers who are under ANC appeal following the recent review. 1,500 appeals have been lodged.


The Department of Agriculture deemed wild bird cover areas eligible as part of the percentage of tillage area.  This is leading to the exclusion of some areas from ANC, as it exceeds the threshold of 15% tillage area or impacts on the percentage of area of townland under permanent pasture.


IFA is meeting the Department of Agriculture on this issue, and other issues relating to the ANC review, tomorrow, Fri.


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