IFA Disputes Department of Environment’s Notion That Proposed Waste Tyre Charging Regime Won’t Add Extra Cost

IFA Environment Chairman Thomas Cooney has disputed recent comments made by Department of Environment officials that the new proposed waste tyre charging regime will not add additional charges to farm families.

He said, “IFA fully supports keeping the countryside clean and does not want to see rural Ireland being used as a dumping ground for waste tyres and other rubbish by serial dumpers. However, before any new measures are introduced, the Department must firstly clarify how much of the funds already collected have been used for the correct recycling of waste tyres and how their new proposals will not add extra costs on rural Ireland.”

Concluding he said, “Minister Naughten and REPAK, who have been appointed by the Minister to run this new regime, must now clearly explain how this new proposal will better address the scourge of littering in the countryside, while not adding extra costs for farm families.”

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