IFA Fuel Survey Identifies 22% Price Gap Across the Country and Farmers Should Challenge Suppliers to Justify Differential

IFA’s Inputs Project Team Chairman James McCarthy has encouraged all farmers to shop around and ensure that they are getting the most competitively-priced fuels when buying agricultural diesel, home heating oil and kerosene.

Commenting on the results of IFA’s quarterly fuel price survey, he said, “Currently the average price for agricultural diesel is 67.10 cent per litre. However, farmers in Sligo and Leitrim pay up to 78 cent per litre. This is almost 22% more expensive that the price paid by farmers in Laois, Longford and Kilkenny. This price differential is very significant and suppliers must be challenged to justify such a price gap.”

“Average car diesel prices across the country are relatively similar at 119.89 cent per litre. However, farmers in Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan pay at least three cent per litre more. Kerosene prices across the country are approximately 63.81 cent per litre, with higher prices above 70 cent per litre being reported in Wicklow and Dublin.”

Full details of the fuel price survey are available at www.ifarm.ie by clicking on the “Grain & Inputs” section.

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