IFA Launches ‘secure Summer’ Campaign to Tackle Rural Crime

Launching a new campaign to increase security awareness among farmers, IFA National Treasurer Jer Bergin stressed the importance of being safety conscious and marking and securing property to reduce the chance of a theft occurring.

Jer Bergin said, “Marking your property, photographing it, and making an inventory will, firstly, go a long way towards preventing it being stolen and, secondly, significantly increase the chance of recovery if it is stolen”

In addition, he encouraged all farmers to take time to close gates at night and during periods of absence, “Be proactive in securing your property; make sure to lock gates, outhouse doors and sheds. Be observant; report any unusual or suspicious activity in your area to An Garda Siochana who will investigate all reports.

“The recent Garda recovery of over 500 pieces of stolen property is a clear indication of the scale of theft happening in rural Ireland. At the Property Recovery Day in Tipperary where these items were on display, one message was very clear – with no identification markings on an item, the chances of property being reunited with its rightful owner is very slim indeed.”

IFA has prepared some essential crime prevention tips as part of the IFA’s Secure Summer campaign and will be issuing monthly reminders and security notices to members.

Get some Secure Summer tips 

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