IFA Meets Opw Minister Simon Harris on Flooding Issues

IFA Flood Project Chairman Tom Turley said that sufficient funding must be available in the upcoming Budget for the ongoing maintenance of our river system so that flooding can be avoided or mitigated in the future.

At a meeting in Birr Co Offaly with Minister Simon Harris, who has responsibility for the OPW, Tom Turley, said it was important that the allocation to the OPW for capital works was at least maintained in the upcoming Budget so that necessary works can take place in the various river systems and coastal areas under threat.

In addition, Tom Turley, along with members of Offaly IFA, impressed on the Minister the importance of the implementation of the CFRAMS which will have a management plan for each of the river systems as part of a national plan.

It was agreed that IFA would have further dialogue with the Minister over the coming months on the various issues involved.

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