IFA Meets Cpcc on Monitoring of Grocery Regulations

IFA National Chairman Jer Bergin has held an initial meeting with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) to discuss the implementation of the recently-published Grocery Goods Regulations, which come into effect from 30th April next.

Jer Bergin said the IFA had a lengthy and detailed discussion on how the CCPC would be developing its role as enforcer of the new Grocery Regulations, taking into account all the powers given to it under Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014.


“IFA stressed to the CCPC the importance of their role in monitoring the compliance of retailers and wholesalers with the legislation, including all the requirements for retailers/wholesalers in staff training, annual compliance reporting and maintaining of records,” said Mr Bergin.


“The statutory legislation provides for written contracts between retailers or wholesaler and suppliers, which must give greater certainty to producers on their term and conditions.”


The IFA National Chairman told the CCPC that the new Grocery Regulations will have to lead to a fundamental change by retailers and wholesalers when it comes to paying their suppliers promptly, citing the vulnerability of producers in this situation. “Wholesalers and retailers will have to step up to the mark and comply with the new legislation, which provides for payment within 30 days as a standard provision. There is no justification for retailers or wholesalers to insist on contractual terms longer than the standard 30 days, for short shelf-life products such as fruit, vegetables, milk and other fresh product,” he concluded.


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