IFA Meets Minisers Coveney and Harris to Highlight Extent of Flooding

IFA Deputy President Tim O’Leary and Flood Project Chairman Tom Turley met with Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney and OPW Minister Simon Harris last night to highlight the extent of the difficulties farmers are facing following recent flooding.

At the meeting they reiterated the IFA’s call for a concerted approach by Government to ensure that actions are taken to prevent animal welfare issues developing on farms and also to put in place measures to support farmers at this critical time.

Among the proposals put forward by IFA were that all outstanding payments be made to farmers in affected areas; that flexibility is shown in relation to issues surrounding the disposal of slurry in overflowing tanks; that no cross compliance checks take pace in the affected areas; and, that flexibility in relation to the movement of animals is put in place, in consultation with District Veterinary Offices.

IFA Flood Project Chairman Tom Turley said he in regular contact with the ESB, which controls levels on the Shannon and that it is vitally important that the situation is closely monitored over the coming days.

Tom Turley also pointed out the urgency of getting the CFRAMS Flood Management Plan up and running as incidents of severe flooding are becoming more regular.

Advice on flooded slurry tanks and movement of animals from flooded land is available here.

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