National Farm Safety Awareness Day – 21 July

As part of IFA’s ongoing Farm Safety awareness campaign, The Association is asking all farm families to set time aside on Monday, July 21st to review safety on their farm.

Tragically, fourteen lives have been lost to farm accidents so far this year – a 70% increase on this time last year. The IFA’s ‘Think Farm Safety Day’ is an opportunity for farm families to dedicate time to thinking about health and safety on their farms; to identify potential danger areas; and, to consider ways to minimise risks.

By taking time with family members and farm staff to review or complete a risk assessment on July 21st, farmers will not only reduce the risks to themselves, their families, employees and farm visitors but will also ensure they are complying with Health and Safety legislation.

IFA President Eddie Downey said farming is a high-risk occupation, but accidents and injuries can be prevented by taking time and working safely. “Being tired, distracted and stressed is often a reality on busy farms and every effort must be made to avoid shortcuts. At the peak of this busy summer season on farms, safety must come first. We want farmers to ‘Think Farm Safety’ on July 21st and to continue to ‘Think Farm Safety’ every day after that, because taking even one risk is taking one risk too many.”

IFA Farm Family Committee Chair Maura Canning said the IFA ‘Think Farm Safety Day’ is about focusing busy minds and making sure the whole family is alert to the risks that exist on farms. “We all know that farms are dangerous workplaces, but when working long hours in difficult conditions, that awareness can slip to the back of the mind. By putting the spotlight on farm safety on July 21st we hope to remind farmers and their families to take time to think safety and farm safely every day.”

The IFA has launched a dedicated ‘Farm Safety’ section on the website, which provides farm safety videos, booklets, links and information. This will complement a range of initiatives, including messages in the IFA calendar, text alerts to our members and regular updates through our County Executive network.

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