IFA President Meets Eu Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier


IFA President Joe Healy met the EU’s Chief negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier, in Dublin this morning at an event hosted by the EU Commission. It was be the second time Joe Healy has met Michel Barnier, following a meeting in Brussels last month.

Joe Healy said, “Michel Barnier displayed a good understanding of our issues when we last met. I emphasised that minimising the disruption to trade must be included as a priority in the discussions on the border. In addition, it is critical that the second phase of negotiations, which will deal with the future relationship between the EU and UK, commence as soon as possible”.

He said, “It is also critically important that the strongest trading relationship is maintained with the UK, which takes over 40% of our food exports, the value of the UK market is upheld, and that there is a fully-funded CAP after 2020”.

Meanwhile, IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods hosted a delegation from the European Peoples’ Party on his farm in Co Wicklow later this evening to discuss the implications of Brexit for Irish farming.

Minister of State Andrew Doyle will led the delegation which is attending a two-day meeting of the EPP in Wicklow. The group included three Irish MEPs – Mairead McGuinness, Brian Hayes and Sean Kelly – and the Chairman of the EPP Manfred Weber.

Angus Woods said, “As Livestock Chairman, I set out the very serious implications for the Irish beef and livestock sector. The UK is our most valuable market and this has to be to the forefront of the negotiations on Brexit”.

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