IFA President Welcomes Strong Stand Taken by Nfu President on Standards for Imported Food Post-brexit

Brexit Update

IFA President Joe Healy has welcomed the strong stand taken by the President of the National Farmers Union of England and Wales (NFU) by insisting that only food produced to the same standards as in the UK should be allowed into the UK post-Brexit.

The IFA President is attending the NFU Conference in Birmingham today where NFU President Meurig Raymond made it very clear to the UK Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Andrea Leadsom MP, who was speaking at the conference, that all UK food imports post-Brexit must continue to meet the highest production standards.

Joe Healy said it is critically important for both Irish and UK farmers that the UK Government maintains high standards for food, based on quality, traceability and safety and that food is produced without compromising the environment or animal welfare standards.

Joe Healy said it is essential that the UK Government maintains a strong common external tariff on agriculture and food in any future trade deals and does not revert to a cheap food policy based on sub-standard imports from outside the EU.

The IFA President pointed out that with the UK only 60% self-sufficient in food, based on highest standards and proximity, Ireland will remain the supplier of choice for fresh food products into the UK retail and food service sectors.

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