IFA Reaction to Cop21 Talks in Paris

IFA Environment Committee Chairman Harold Kingston said for the first time in COP negotiations on climate change, there is a clear recognition that agriculture has a role to play. “The debate has moved on to include mitigation and adaptation by agriculture and this is a significant breakthrough in the ongoing debate about climate change and food security.”

Speaking from COP21 in Paris, Harold Kingston rejected the interpretation by some commentators that Irish food production would be hindered by the agreement reached in the talks. He said commitments on food security and food production are significant statements that will ensure Ireland’s sustainable model of food production is supported to address increasing demand for emission-efficient dairy and beef produce.


Harold Kingston said, “Agriculture and food production will play its part and is looking at innovation and technology transfer to improve our efficiency. Improving technology in developing countries is one of the key elements of the Paris talks in which Ireland can and should have an important role. The multi-functional role of agriculture, as food, fuel and energy producers as well as protecting the environment must be acknowledged”.


“Ireland is a world leader in sustainable food production.  No other country in the world monitors, measures and manages carbon from farm to fork.  This commitment to environmental improvement by so many farmers is verified by Bord Bia’s Origin Green initiative”.


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