IFA Reaction to Latest Draft Text on Brexit


Reacting to today’s draft text from the EU on Brexit, IFA President Joe Healy said the latest legal text was the inevitable result of the UK’s insistence on leaving the Customs Union.

He said, “The Irish Government has to maintain its focus on the relationship between the EU and the entirety of the UK, and the need for the UK to maintain full regulatory alignment with the EU in the area of agriculture and food in any future relationship.”

Joe Healy said that ever since the implications of the UK vote to leave the EU became clear, this has been the central issue for the Irish agri food sector.

Joe Healy said North-South Regulatory alignment will help to solve one problem as it avoids a hard border in Ireland. However, East-West Regulatory Alignment has the potential to deliver a lot more, which is to continue the closest possible trading relationship between here and the rest of the UK for Irish food exporters to our largest market, Britain.

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