IFA Reaction to Undergrounding Review of Power Line Projects

IFA National Environment & Rural Affairs Chairman Harold Kingston has welcomed the decision taken at today’s Cabinet meeting to establish an independent review of undergrounding electricity infrastructure.

“This decision represents an important recognition by Government that electricity infrastructure will have a significant impact on rural communities. It is essential that this review is thorough and addresses the many concerns raised by farmers.”

He said, “Deficiencies in the terms of reference of previous undergrounding studies commissioned by the Department of Energy must not be repeated. It is critical that the full costs and impact on farmers and rural communities are set out when considering route design options for electricity infrastructure as part of this review”.

Harold Kingston said, “Regardless of the outcome of this review, IFA remains firm that undergrounding must be on the table for route design and planning. All options for electricity infrastructure development must be considered and EirGrid should not be allowed to pre-empt the decision of the national planning authority, An Bord Pleanála.”

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