IFA Responds to Minister’s Statement on the Need for Market Supports Due to Russian Ban

IFA President Eddie Downey described today’s statement on the Russian trade ban from the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney as positive. He said it was essential the EU provided strong financial resources from outside the CAP budget as farmers cannot be expected to carry the costs of the geopolitical dispute over the Ukraine conflict.

The IFA President said “The EU Commission must take decisive action at an early stage to support markets rather than allow the market situation to deteriorate. The lessons from the 2009 dairy crisis are that inadequate market support measures allow more market damage to occur and cost more in the long run.”

President Eddie Downey welcomed the fact that Minister Coveney is pressing for an increased advance of the single farm payment. He said Ireland must strongly pursue this issue with Commissioner Ciolos and insist that 100% of the Single Farm Payment is made in mid-October to relieve serious cash flow pressures particularly on beef and tillage farms.


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