IFA Says Law Reform Commission’s Proposals Will Undermine Property Rights


IFA President Joe Healy has strongly rejected proposals by the Law Reform Commission that could see farmers receive less for their land acquired under state Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs).

Proposed changes to the law would reduce the compensation paid to property owners impacted by infrastructure developments. Furthermore, the IFA President said that the proposals could result in some property owners receiving less for their land than other citizens.

“IFA has made a detailed submission opposing the proposals from the Law Reform Commission.” Joe Healy said.

“There is an underlying principle of fairness called the ‘Principle of Equivalence’ when it comes to compensating those impacted by compulsory land takes. The Law Reform Commission proposals broadly ignore this for farmers and every private citizen,” Joe Healy said.

He concluded, “The Government has ambitious infrastructure plans over the coming decades, as set out in the recently announced Ireland 2040 plan. These must not be achieved at the expense of property owners, who in many instances are unwilling sellers in the first instance.”

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