IFA Survey Highlights Importance of Shopping Around when Making a Will

IFA’s Inputs Project Team Chairman James McCarthy has encouraged farmers to shop around and ensure that they are getting competitive rates when making a will.

Commenting on the results of a recent nationwide IFA survey of legal costs for making a will, he said, “The cost of making a will ranges from €50 in counties such as Roscommon, Limerick, Wicklow and Galway to €150 in Donegal, Kildare and Kilkenny. This represents a 300% difference and IFA members should ensure that their legal charges are not excessive”.

James McCarthy added, “While we acknowledge that it does take time to create a will, the price difference is very significant. The price range seems unjustifiable, with some firms even saying they may do wills at no cost, if the clients are regular ones or if they were in financial difficulty”.

The overall results of the national survey shows that the average legal cost of making a will is approximately €95. This means that Kildare, Kilkenny and Donegal are paying 58% more than the average.

James McCarthy said, “Each person has their own affairs and circumstances, but it appears to be worth shopping around when choosing which solicitor to use”.


Professional fees ex VAT
Carlow €100.00 Longford €50.00
Cavan €100.00 Louth €100.00
Clare €100.00 Mayo €100.00
Cork €100.00 Meath €100.00
Donegal €150.00 Monaghan €100.00
Dublin €100.00 Offaly €100.00
Galway €50.00 Roscommon €50.00
Kerry €50.00 Sligo €100.00
Kildare €150.00 Tipperary €50.00
Kilkenny €150.00 Waterford €100.00
Laois €100.00 Westmeath €100.00
Leitrim €100.00 Wexford €100.00
Limerick €50.00 Wicklow €50.00

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