IFA Welcomes Taoiseach’s Commitment on Flooding

IFA Flood Project Chairman Tom Turley has welcomed the Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s commitment that common sense needs to be applied in relation to dredging of rivers to alleviate flooding.

In addition, he said the Taoiseach’s commitment that the Government will proceed to do what it has to do to deal with the persistent flooding on the River Shannon and other river systems must now be acted upon so that the events of the past month or so will be avoided in future.

In relation to the Department of Agriculture fodder scheme now available, IFA is encouraging farmers who have a problem with lost or damaged fodder to apply before the January 22nd deadline.

Tom Turley also pointed out that the extent of the flood damage done on farms will not be identifiable until the floods have receded. At that time the Government should assess such damage which will include damage to land, crops and property as well as loss of stock.

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