Increase in Quad Thefts Reported to IFA

IFA Rural Crime Prevention Executive Colin Connolly said he has been made aware of an increase in quad bike thefts in the last few days, in particular in the greater Limerick area. He is urging farmers to be on alert and to ensure they take steps to secure their quads, lawnmowers and other valuables.

Colin Connolly offered the following advice to keep quads secure:

  • Park the quad out of sight, in an area that is not easily accessible. Where possible secure the quad inside a shed. A good idea is to chain the quad to a floor anchor inside the shed. A floor anchor can be installed very easily in any shed or yard. Make sure this shed is locked when not in use and alarm it, if possible.
  • If the quad is outside, think about where you park it. Park it behind larger more difficult to move items, think bigger blocking method or consider a floor or ground anchor. Anything that makes it more difficult for a thief will deter them. Disc locks will also prevent the item being rolled away.
  • If you need to move your quad from one location to another on a trailer, ensure that you secure the trailer properly and don’t leave it unattended. Attach the quad to the trailer with a robust lock and chain.
  • An important piece of advice is to make sure that you have removed the key from the ignition; too often, keys are left in the ignition making the theft a simple process for the thief.

Colin Connolly encouraged farmers to register and record details of their machinery. He said that in the unfortunate event of the theft, it is important to have details of the items taken, such as make, model, colour and, ideally, a photograph. Farmers can register and record property for free at

Finally, Colin encouraged any person in the market for equipment to exercise caution and be wary of stolen items.

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