Increase to Ebi Co-efficient Secured by IFA in February to Come into Effect for Tb Live Valuations from Sept 11th


IFA Animal Health chairman Bert Stewart said ICBF will be issuing new EBI figures in September, which will result in the EBI being reduced by €71 for all animals.

To coincide with this, the agreement reached between IFA and the Department of Agriculture in February to increase the co-efficient in the valuation process, will come into effect on 11th September.

The EBI live valuation co-efficient will increase from the current 50c/€ EBI to €1.05/€ EBI.

Bert Stewart said farmers are very concerned at the reduced valuation guideline prices issued recently by the Department of Agriculture and he has questioned the Department as to the origins of the sale information used to establish these prices.

He said, “The live valuation process must continue to return the full open market value to farmers for animals they are losing as TB reactors, and the Department must ensure there are no impediments to valuers carrying out their duties. This includes the issuing of accurate market prices and freedom to exceed these as the valuer sees fit”.

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