Increased Enforcement of Scrap Metal Laws Required to Deter Thefts – IFA

IFA Environment and Rural Affairs Chairman Thomas Cooney has called on local authorities and An Garda Síochána to increase enforcement activity to ensure that metal thefts across rural Ireland do not increase further.

Speaking after a meeting of the National Metal Theft Forum he said, “IFA successfully lobbied for the introduction of new track and trace legislation, which requires scrap metal detailers to keep records of individuals who bring materials to recycling facilities and record the amount of materials presented.”

He added, “This legislation is not being adequately enforced. The current lull in thefts, due to falling scrap metal prices and other factors, presents an opportunity for local authorities and An Garda Síochána to develop and publish an annual enforcement strategy, which must ensure this track and trace scrap metal legislation is fully implemented.“

Concluding, Thomas Cooney encourages all farm families to protect their farm machinery and equipment by marking them with a unique security identification number as part of the IFA’s Theft Stop initiative.

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