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Joint Oireachtas Cmttee Should Support Teagasc Climate Roadmap Rather Than Imposing Taxes or Restrictions

In advance of the publication of the report from the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action this week, IFA President Joe Healy said that the Committee should include, as a key recommendation, the full implementation of the Teagasc climate roadmap for the sector.

He said this represents a ‘climate just’ way forward, rather than imposing taxes or restrictions on Ireland’s carbon efficient model of food production.

Joe Healy said, “Ireland has a carbon efficient model of food production, with the European Commission confirming that dairy farmers have the lowest carbon footprint for milk and our beef farmers are amongst the five most carbon efficient in the EU”.

“The Teagasc climate roadmap represents a clear strategy for kick starting a vibrant farm scale and community-based renewables sector and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the sector. Its implementation would make a real contribution to meeting our renewables and climate targets,” he said.

IFA Environment Chairman Thomas Cooney added “Agriculture deserves to have a fairer representation of its climate actions. For example, our carbon sinks from Ireland’s permanent pastures, hedgerows and forestry have to be included when it comes to climate change and agriculture.

“Farmers are engaged in climate action. From a carbon efficiency perspective, we are best in class. We expect the Oireachtas Climate Committee to take full account of the potential economic and social impact on farm families and the wider rural economy.”



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