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Mayo Man Elected New Chairman of Rural Development Chairman

Michael Biggins has been elected as the new Chairman of the IFA National Rural Development Committee at a meeting in Dublin this week.

He takes over from outgoing Chairman Joe Brady, who has held the position for the past four years. He will take up his position at the IFA Annual General Meeting on Mon, Jan 27th.


Michael Biggins is a suckler beef farmer from Glencorrib in South Mayo. He has been involved in IFA for over 20 years and has served as Mayo County Chairman, Vice Chairman of the Livestock Committee, the Chairman of South Mayo Leader and other community groups.


Speaking after his election, Michael Biggins said the challenges facing rural Ireland are immense and having a strongly-funded CAP and national supports were never more in need. He said farm schemes play a huge role in supporting farm incomes as well as the wider economic spinoff to the rural community.


His key priorities for the Rural Development Committee will be;

  • Enhancing farm schemes in the next RDP so that they have a greater impact in supporting farm incomes.
  • Restoring agri – environmental schemes to a level which existed under REPS with an overall payment of €10,000.
  • Continuing on progress made on ANC payment increases over the past two years and to increase payments by 20% in the next RDP.
  • Ensuring greater support for inter-generational transfers by having increased young farmer payments and incentives for older farmers to retire.
  • The continuation of a well-supported farm investment TAMS scheme with higher grant aid.
  • Reducing the beauracracy attached to many schemes with the introduction of a yellow card system to allow farmers rectify any issues found on Department inspections.


Michael Biggins said the next Minister for Agriculture and the new EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janus Wojciechowski must be prepared to stand up and fearlessly defend the Irish and European the family farm model which is so vital to sustaining rural Ireland.


Michael Biggins and the National Rural Development Committee thanked the outgoing Chairman Joe Brady for effective delivery for farmers in negotiations with Government and the EU.


In particular, he cited the protection of the ANC scheme in the EU wide review, which is vital achievement for 100,000 farmers on marginal land.

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