Miniser Coveney Must Intervene to Get All Anc Payments Made

Farm Schemes

IFA Deputy President Tim O’Leary has expressed serious concern that thousands of farmers have not yet received their ANC payments, despite the fact that payments commenced on 21st September.

Tim O’Leary said it is vital that all ANC payments are now paid to all eligible farmers without further delay. He said payment delays relating to cross-compliance, satellite inspections, digitisation and processing must be sorted out immediately.

Ahead of the 70% advance payout of the Basic Payment and the Greening payment later this week, IFA Deputy President Tim O’Leary said all farmers must be paid on time and in full. “This is vitally important given the tight cashflow on farms due to income difficulties this year”.

Tim O’Leary said that there are unacceptable mapping issues arising relating to farmers with forestry as well as commonages. Farmers who have contacted IFA have pointed out that it is impossible to make contact with the Department and sort out their queries.

The IFA Deputy President said these delays must not be repeated on BPS and Greening payments, which are due next week from Friday, 16th October.

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