Minister in Denial on Fodder

IFA President Joe Healy has said that Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed’s comments that it is every farmer’s individual responsibility to resolve their fodder difficulties indicates a Minister who is in denial of the serious situation that now exists on farms across the country.

“The fodder crisis, which has been evident in the north-west for months, has now spread to many other parts of the country where grass growth has come to a standstill and fodder supplies are being depleted,” Joe Healy said.

“The response to date of a fodder transport subsidy has not worked. Very few farmers have applied, given the complex bureaucracy attached to the scheme.

“Fodder supplies had been available in the southern half of the country but these are now gone, and the only option for the Minister at this point is a meal voucher scheme to support farmers to feed their stock.

“At this critical moment, the Minister should show solidarity with those farmers who have difficulties and help them through this period,” Joe Healy concluded.

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