New Charter Sets Clear Objectives That Underpin Rights of Farm Families

Following the conclusion of protracted negotiations, IFA President Eddie Downey said the Association had secured significant improvements in the new Charter of Farmers’ Rights.

Eddie Downey said, “Specifically, in the areas of payment targets, inspection protocols and appeals, the new Charter has set out clear objectives that will underpin the rights of farmers”.

He said the IFA negotiating team led by Deputy President Tim O’Leary had a clear focus to ensure that CAP and other payments were made as early as possible, with no unnecessary delays.

“The inspection regime had become a real bone of contention between the Department and farmers. The new Charter will go some way towards delivering fairness and respect for farm families, both on inspections and appeals.”

Eddie Downey said the Minister now has a responsibility to ensure that all farm families are advised of their rights, and that Department officials deliver on the commitments in the Charter of Rights and ensure the new standards are fully implemented.

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