New Report Shows What Is at Stake for Agri-food in Brexit

Brexit Update

A new European Parliament report shows clearly what is at stake for Ireland’s agri-food sector in the Brexit negotiations. The report says Ireland is likely to be the most negatively impacted country within the EU and deserves particular attention during the Brexit process.

IFA President Joe Healy said the report demonstrates why our Government’s objective must be the maintenance of the closest possible trading arrangements with the United Kingdom.

“As the EU Parliament report demonstrates, Ireland’s agri-food sector and economy are uniquely exposed if a solution is not found during Brexit negotiations to avoid the introduction of WTO tariffs.

“That is why Ireland must have as its top priority no such disruption to our trade flows with the UK and why we must urge negotiators to pursue the retention of the UK in the Customs Union, or a trading arrangement that would a have similar effect.

“While recognising the sequencing of the discussions, there is a need for progress on discussing the future trading relationship and transitional arrangements.”

In addition, Joe Healy pointed out, Irish and EU agri-food exports cannot be undermined by an increase in low-cost food imports into the UK market, or by imports that do not meet the high food safety, animal welfare, health and environmental standards that are required of EU producers.

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