IFA President Says No Confusion over Damaging Effects of Climate Change Bill

IFA President John Bryan said he was deeply disappointed at Environment Minister John Gormley’s attempts to mislead the public this morning on discussions about the Climate Change Bill.

Mr Bryan said there was no confusion in the clear message given to Minister Gormley and his colleagues by IFA in the meeting that took place last month. IFA’s constructive proposal was to abandon the targets set for agriculture as they are unattainable, and both Teagasc and other independent research have highlighted their damaging effects. “If there’s any confusion or delusion in relation to this Climate Change Bill, it is not with IFA.”

The IFA President said, “The Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture has reflected the widely-held views of the farming and food sector and has called for the legislation to be put on hold. The Food Harvest 2020 strategy identifies the potential to increase exports by €4bn, which will be not be met if this current proposals are not stopped.”

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