Ireland Must Renegotiate Eu Climate Change Targets – IFA

IFA President John Bryan has called on any new Government to renegotiate the unachievable climate change targets imposed on Ireland by the EU Commission, before revisiting the issue.

Mr Bryan was commenting on IFA’s climate change submission to the Department of the Environment.

“Under EU law, Ireland has the strictest emission reduction targets in the world, which were agreed by the Government at a time of economic prosperity, with Ireland’s 20% reduction twice the European average. The ESRI have clearly stated that these emission reduction targets are unattainable. A new Government must now accept this and agree targets for the country which are achievable, based on least cost to the economy and current technologies available.”

“The luxury of aspiring to be best in class is no longer an option, when it comes to climate change policy for Ireland. Government must prioritise job creation, economic recovery and financial stability.”

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