Farm Machinery Continues to Be the Main Risk on Farm

Margaret Healy, IFA Farm Family and Social Affairs Chairwoman and Gary Daly, President FTMTA (Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association) at the Farm Machinery Show get a great response to the IFA farm safety stickers, Think Safety – Farm Safely from traders.

They encouraged operators to display the stickers prominently on farm machinery to act as a constant reminder as they go about their every day work.

“The main risk on farms continues to be working with farm machinery, nearly 40% of farm fatalities in 2010 involved farm machinery”, said Mrs. Healy. She said that PTO shafts and not turning off tractor before dismounting is a persistent safety risk.

Mrs. Healy said it is the owners responsibility to ensure that farm machinery is maintained, guards are replaced after maintenance work, machine is turned off before attempting to clear any clog ups and that loads on trailers are properly secured.

She said that a small amount of time dedicated to following safe machinery operations could help to prevent serious injury or fatality.

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