Bvd Must Be Eradicated from National Herd – IFA

Animal Health

IFA Animal Health Project Team chairman John Waters said BVD must be eradicated from the national herd. The challenge is to identify a suitable programme that achieves the objective of eradication, which at the same time does not put unnecessary cost and constraints on farmers.

IFA have taken the lead in progressing the issue by having expert speakers from AHI attend County Executive meetings throughout the country, outlining the eradication options that have been undertaken in other countries and the options available to Irish farmers.

Mr. Waters said the BVD programme that will be developed must have the support of the Department of Agriculture, cannot place a disproportionate level of cost on farmers and utilise the most cost-effective testing methods available. He said a BVD programme must not add unnecessary cost to the day-to-day management of farms, unduly hinder normal farm practice and trade, and must have an end date.

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