Over €1bn Collected in Car Tax While Rural Roads Disintegrate

IFA Environment and Rural Affairs Chairman Pat Farrell has accused the Department of Environment of hoarding over €1billion and diverting it away from rural roads, at a time when many regional and secondary roads are in a dreadful condition.

He said, “The recent revised book of estimates published by the Department of Finance shows that over €1billion was collected in 2010 as motor tax paid by car owners. Despite this, rural roads in many parts of the country, particularly in counties Meath, Wexford, Carlow, Wicklow and Tipperary are riddled with potholes and are falling apart following the recent heavy rain and the freezing weather in December.”

Mr Farrell said, “This situation is unacceptable and cannot continue for another year. The Department of the Environment must immediately develop a national plan whereby a direct top-up to the Road Improvement Fund is provided from the Motor Tax income received when roads end up in the present appalling state.”

“It is no longer acceptable to leave these roads in such a dangerous way, either for motorists or pedestrians.”

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