IFA Welcome Hsa Announcemement That Inspectorate Will Take an Adviosry Role During Farm Safety Visits

IFA President, John Bryan welcomed the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) announcement that they would be taking an advisory role during farm visits, renaming planned inspections as farm safety visits.

This is a positive development said Mr. Bryan, and will encourage greater cooperation to promote increased awareness of safety and is the best way to create a safer working environment on farms.

He stated that constant promotion and awareness of farm safety was the best way to reduce accidents and deaths on Irish farms, not regulation and enforcement.

IFA are working in partnership with the HSA and FBD to host a series of Farm Safety meetings at each of the County Executives over the coming months. He encouraged farmers to attend these meeting, which aimed to provide practical advice and information to improve safety on the farm.

He also urged farmers to display the IFA farm safety stickers, Think Safety – Farm Safely on their tractors or jeeps to act as a consistent reminder as you go about your everyday work. He said that farm safety was everyone’s responsibility.

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