Cap Payment Model Must Support Productive Farmers – Bryan


IFA President John Bryan has strongly challenged the recent proposals of the EU Agriculture Ministers to move away from the current model of direct payments.

Mr Bryan said, “The EU Farm Council statement of ‘stepwise reducing the link to historical references’ </i>for direct payments could undermine primary production, putting at risk the growth potential of agri-food sector and weakening the rural economy.”

He said, “IFA strongly opposes any move away from the current model of direct payments, as this best supports agricultural production and investment, exports and jobs across Ireland. The payment model for the CAP after 2013 must continue to support productive farmers.”

Mr Bryan acknowledged the commitment of the Council to flexibility in the distribution of payments within Member States and between farmers, stating, “It is vital there is no disruption of payments at farm level”.

He concluded, “In the CAP negotiations, the Government must ensure the retention of a fully-funded budget for Ireland, which supports active farmers.”

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