IFA Call for Early Tams Approvals for Farmers to Proceed with Investment

IFA Rural Development Committee Chairman Tom Turley has called on the Department of Agriculture to proceed immediately with the approvals for farmers to commence investment under the TAMS Sheep Handling + Fencing and the Dairy Equipment Schemes.

Mr. Turley said that under the Sheep Grant Scheme two tranche periods have passed worth €1.7m. 800 farmers applied for the first tranche and 100 applied for the second tranche which finished at the end of April. These farmers need approval, without delay, so that work under the schemes can commence.

In the case of the Dairy Equipment Scheme, the first tranche worth €6.92m finished at the end of April and it is estimated that nearly 800 farmers have applied. Some farmers urgently require Department of Agriculture approval particularly in green field sites or where the current facilities are inadequate.

The IFA Rural Development Chairman pointed out that €19m is available for all the TAMS measures this year and it was vitally important that all of this funding was fully utilised. “The approval for all schemes is vital and the 20% pre-approval on farm inspections must take place without delay.”

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