Hauliers Will Not Drive Farmers off Roads – IFA

IFA Environment and Rural Affairs Chairman Pat Farrell has dismissed comments made by the road hauliers as a desperate bid for business. He said farmers are trained in the use of machinery and are responsible road users.

Pat Farrell said IFA has been involved in discussions with the Department of Transport and the Road Safety Authority to ensure that proposed legislation does not duplicate the existing safety requirements as set out in their safety statement.

He said, “Road hauliers’ proposals are unworkable and are clearly driven by an agenda to create work for them, and add huge costs for many farmers, in particular those in the tillage and grain sectors.”

The IFA Environment Chairman said it was despicable of road hauliers to suggest that farmers carrying out their everyday work on public roads could lead to more road deaths. “An essential part of farmers’ work is to transport loads between different locations. This is done with safety in mind at all times.”

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