Food Security Must Be Priority in Bonn Climate Change Talks – IFA

IFA Climate Change spokesman Jer Bergin has called on international negotiators to recognise the importance of safeguarding global food supplies when considering their next move, during the current United Nations (UN) climate change conference in Bonn, Germany.

Jer Bergin said, “Each day 200,000 more people are added to the world’s food demand and the global population is projected to increase by almost 40% to 9.2 billion by 2050. Least Developed Countries in regions such as Africa will experience the most rapid population growth, while in Sub-Saharan Africa the poverty rate currently remains constant, at around 50%.”

Mr. Bergin concluded, “The perfect food-poverty storm is emerging. Demand for food is continuing to rise, driven by rising global population, dietary shifts and reduced resource availability. The UN and in particular the Food and Agriculture Organization must lead an international food security debate at the Bonn talks to ensure that the response to climate change does not further diminish the ability of emission-efficient regions to meet increasing world food demand and need.”

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