IFA Seek Further Changes to Land Improvement Regulations

IFA President John Bryan has called for further changes and clear interpretation of the proposed land improvement regulations which the Departments of Agriculture and Environment are imposing on farmers.

John Bryan said, “While progress has been made on the threshold levels, significant concerns remain regarding the definition of wetlands and the levels for re-contouring of land. The implementation of the legislation must minimise the hassle and bureaucracy imposed on farmers.”

Mr. Bryan said, “At a time when farmers are planning to expand and develop their businesses, to assist in meeting the Government’s Food Harvest 2020 growth targets, it is now up to Ministers Coveney and Hogan to ensure that concerns regarding this legislation are fully addressed.”

Speaking after a joint meeting with both Departments, IFA Environment + Rural Affairs Chairman Pat Farrell said, “The interpretation of this legislation is going to be very important and I am calling for the immediate establishment of a working group to ensure that this legislation has least impact on farmers and takes full consideration of measures already being carried out under other schemes such as REPS, AEOS and the general cross-compliance rules.”

“The Departments of Agriculture and Environment must review their proposals where land improvement works are taking place on wetlands. Immediate clarification is required as to the definition of wetlands. This clarification must ensure that lands which may occasionally become flooded are not restricted from carrying out necessary land improvement works.”

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