IFA Call for All Disadvantaged Area Payments to Be Paid out

IFA Rural Development Chairman Tom Turley has called for all mapping problems to be sorted out immediately by the Department of Agriculture so that up to 20,000 farmers whose Disadvantaged Areas payments are held up, can be paid.

Mr. Turley added that a further 10,000 farmers payments have been held up due to issues surrounding the minimum stocking level of 0.15 lu/ha. He advised those farmers to send back to the Department any evidence of their stocking level which will allow payment to be made.

The IFA Rural Development Chairman said the full €220m must be paid out to 100,000 farmers without delay. This will allow the Department to focus on the 50% pay-out of the Single Farm Payment on October 17th.

He also called for all outstanding 2010 REPS 4 and AEOS payments to be paid out. “In some cases, farmers are waiting for 12 months. This situation is totally unacceptable and Minister Coveney must intervene,” he concluded.

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