IFA Reaction to Release of Teresa Treacy

Offaly IFA Chairman Joe Parlon said, “The imprisonment of Teresa Treacy by ESB and EirGrid to facilitate the construction of a power-line project near Tullamore was an unacceptable action which must never happen again.”

Welcoming her release today, Joe Parlon said, “The decision by ESB and EirGrid to go to the courts and facilitate the release of Teresa is the right decision, which must now be followed by a period of genuine consultation that fully respects and understands Teresa’s concerns.”

Mr Parlon added, “Revised proposals to retain a larger number of trees by narrowing the corridor width and replanting up to and underneath the power lines, provide the basis to reach agreement with other landowners that are affected by power-line projects. However, an open and frank discussion facilitated by IFA must take place between Teresa and ESB and EirGrid, which recognises the particular circumstances and the amenity value of her forestry.”

Concluding, Mr Parlon said there were lessons to be learned from this episode and he urged ESB and EirGrid to take on board all suggestions that can improve future consultation with landowners.

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