Balanced Government Policy on Climate Change Supports Sustainable Expansion of Agriculture

IFA President John Bryan has welcomed the balanced approach taken by the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan in the Climate Change policy published this morning (Thurs).

John Bryan said, “IFA has consistently argued that our permanent pasture and carbon sink from forestry had to be taken into account when devising our climate change policy. Minister Hogan rightly recognises the importance of food security and the ability of Ireland’s agricultural sector to produce food in a low-carbon, sustainable manner.”

The IFA President said the commitment to adjust the way in which emissions were calculated is an important acknowledgement of the advantages of our grass-based system compared to other countries. “The Government’s move will assist the sector in meeting the targets set out in Food Harvest 2020. Ultimately, the agriculture and food production will have to be treated differently in climate change policy on a global stage. The need to feed the world’s rapidly-expanding population must take priority.”

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