‘winter Ready’ Initiative Should Include IFA Proposals

IFA Environment + Rural Affairs Chairman Pat Farrell has welcomed the launch of the Government’s “Winter-Ready” information campaign today (Wed) as an important communication initiative to advise people how best to prepare for the winter weather.

Pat Farrell said, “This cross-department information campaign is an important step in ensuring that people are ready for the winter weather. However, it must immediately be followed up with real action on the ground. IFA has made detailed proposals to the Department of the Environment, in an effort to keep rural Ireland moving during times of severe weather conditions. It is now essential that each of these measures is incorporated into the national emergency response strategy.”

Mr Farrell said, “The Association’s proposals include the development of contractor arrangements between farmers and local authorities, to ensure that farm machinery is available to remove snow and ice from dangerous black-spots.”

“Other measures include a requirement for the designation of specific civic amenity sites as pick-up points for salt and grit and greater use of media, such as radio and regional papers, to get information to the public.”

Pat Farrell acknowledged the advice from the Attorney General that any farmers who voluntarily clear roads, and grit and salt roads with their own farm machinery, are indemnified from any actions which may be taken by a member of the public.

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