Rural Dwellers Must Have Retro-fit Scheme for Septic Tanks – IFA

IFA National Environment + Rural Affairs Chairman Pat Farrell has called on Environment Minister
Phil Hogan to introduce a retro-fit scheme for rural dwellers, who could face higher compliance obligations as part of new legislation on septic tanks.

Speaking ahead of a debate in the Seanad this afternoon which he will attend, Pat Farrell expressed disappointment at the failure of the new legislation to provide any assistance to rural dwellers who may have to upgrade their septic tank systems. “A retro-fit scheme must be part of the solution, which provides tax relief and grant support, where new or upgraded systems are required.” He called on Minister Hogan to move immediately to introduce a scheme.

Mr Farrell said, “The €50 charge is a further financial burden on rural households, costing over €22m. This funding must be matched and ring-fenced when repair and maintenance works are imposed on rural households.”

Concluding, he said there were many unanswered questions in the legislation and IFA would be seeking a meeting with the Department of the Environment.

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