Rural Householders Cannot Have Further Water Charges Imposed by Eu Commission

IFA National Environment Chairman Pat Farrell said farm families and rural householders would be very concerned at the latest attempt by the European Commission to impose additional costs on them. He was reacting to comments by the Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik that there should be a charge for water abstraction and well drilling.

Pat Farrell said, “The Commission’s interpretation of the Water Framework Directive would place an unjustifiable burden on households in rural communities. There cannot be any further charges on rural dwellers, who are already subject to a raft of levies and taxes.”

Mr Farrell said, “Coming so soon after moves by the Department of the Environment to register septic tanks, this would be another financial bodyblow. Householders with a water well have already absorbed the outlay of this, and have absolved the local authority from the cost. It would be wholly unfair to charge them again.”

He said the Government must resist the Commission’s efforts to impose any charge that would place further hardship on farm families and rural householders.

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