IFA Donate to Self Help Africa and Concern Following Ploughing Championships Fundraiser

IFA President John Bryan has presented Selp Help and Concern with the proceeds of the fundraising held at the Ploughing Championships this year. €25,000 was raised for the relief effort in famine-torn East Africa.

IFA President John Bryan said, “The farming community, which has enjoyed a better year with a rise in product prices, has always been very generous in supporting the work of charities in East Africa. Concern will use the funds raised to deal with the immediate impact of the famine. Self Help Africa will direct their contribution to develop long-term sustainable agriculture.”

Ray Jordan, Chief Executive of Self Help Africa said, “Irish farmers know that if we are ever going to break the cycle of famine in sub-Saharan Africa, we must look at the root causes, and provide lasting remedies for the millions of rural poor who hold the solution to famine in their hands.  Farming is the key to ending poverty and hunger in Africa.”

“Under 5% of cultivated land is irrigated – yet with simple, practical support, most farm land is capable of growing much, much more.  Self Help Africa has been working with Africa’s farmers to achieve that, and is grateful to Ireland’s farmers for their continuing support for this work,” he added.

John Bryan said, “Tom Arnold has given a commitment that 100% of the monies given to Concern will be directed immediately to their efforts in Somalia. A portion of the funds will go to Self Help Africa, IFA’s chosen charity.”

Tom Arnold, Chief Executive of Concern Worldwide, said, “We are very grateful to the IFA for this initiative; this crisis is getting worse and is rapidly descending into a catastrophe. We have been working in Somalia for the past 25 years. In response to the crisis, we are now helping over 200,000 people with basic health services, food or vouchers to buy food in their local market and shelter materials. However, it is clear that we need to reach more people and the money raised by the IFA at the Ploughing Championships will help us do that.”

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